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23 July 2012

i miss her..... so badly.....

HI,nak tahu kenapa tajuk "I miss HER so badly.
sbb ini Zhariff Azman yg update,hahahaha.
lamanya tak blogging,btw saja je updatekan blog wiffey saya,
cause she is not feeling well.
So im the one who update her blog.
so,selalu dia tulis pasal i kan?now its myturn*hahahahaha(evil laugh)
kay mcm ni as you all know she at her hometown doing MARA agreement which is for me is stupid cause,she far away from me and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so that why saya tgh marah....sbb mara jealous saja nk bg us jauh2
takpe2 esok malam dia balik,yeaaayyyyy!! sorry mydear cant fetch you masa sampai KL.cause i got class..
and like you already know 'saya rindu awak sgt2'

'without you myife is meaningless,please stay in myheart forever..amin..'
kay enough for today nak tidur ni

i love you so damn crazy fuckin damn much....

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